Challenges Faced During COVID-19

Patient monitoring, testing and vaccination are some of the challenges faced by public health officials during the  COVID-19  pandemic. 

These challenges have created the need for tools that allow for efficient patient engagement at both the population and individual (precision) levels.

However, this level of real-time engagement is not feasible for the current health infrastructure of many municipalities.


Symptom Reporting

  • During their interview with the COVID Wellness Nurse, patients select and submit the symptoms they are experiencing.
  • The  digital nurse is capable of  personalized updating through a follow-up interview on the next day asking if their symptoms have changed. 

The advantage of this app is the efficiency it brings to the reporting process.  


Secure Messaging

Public health officials and healthcare providers can send messages to communicate directly with their patients about actions needed to address their symptoms.

Through automated messaging, healthcare officials can obtain the close contacts of the infected population for contact tracing.


Wellness Nurse Dashboard

Providers can monitor and engage their patients through the Wellness Nurse Dashboard

Assess the health of patients and communicate with them in real-time

Gain real-time population insight


App Support